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History of Sond Industries

The legacy of the Sond Family stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment and dedication that has been a driving force throughout its history. From the early 1800’s, our great grandparents’ commitment to excellence in their roles as inspectors for railway lines and farmers laid the foundation for the family’s enduring connection to industry and innovation.
As the years unfolded, succeeding generations of the Sond Family consistently demonstrated a steadfast dedication to honing technical and mechanical expertise. This commitment became a guiding principle, shaping the ethos of Sond Industries as it evolved over time.
In times of challenge, the Sond Family showcased unparalleled dedication, weathering storms, and overcoming obstacles to ensure the success and continuity of their endeavors. This tenacity became ingrained in the family’s values, creating a culture where challenges were seen not as barriers but as opportunities for growth and improvement.
Today, within the walls of Sond Industries, the spirit of commitment and dedication remains a driving force. The owners, carrying forward the torch of their ancestors, continue to invest time, effort, and resources into advancing the company’s technological capabilities. This commitment extends beyond mere business goals; it reflects a profound dedication to contributing positively to the industry and leaving a legacy for future generations.
The Sond Family’s commitment to excellence and tireless dedication to their craft have become integral parts of the company’s identity. It is a legacy that not only celebrates past achievements but serves as a guiding light for the ongoing journey of Sond Industries into the future.

Our Quality

Each generation develops a deeper passion for precision and excellent product quality. Sond Industries has taken its innovative engineering expertise to the global market serving the oil and gas industry. Circling the globe providing quality machining under the high tech demands of the ever-increasing technology of new drilling techniques. Sond Industries’ attention to detail and quality standards elevates us as a leader in the industry among the growing dependence on solid engineering partnerships to protect your company’s ROI.

Our Mission

Our mission is to uphold the rich tradition of solid engineering and machining within the Sond family, continuously strengthening our legacy while remaining steadfast in delivering top-notch quality at reasonable prices. Through forward-thinking strategies, we are dedicated to offering our clients unparalleled product excellence without compromising affordability.